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Is your ancestor listed among the members of the Thirteenth NY Independent Battery? If so, I may have additional information which I have not yet posted here. Send me an inquiry and I will try to be of assistance.

Like many others, I became interested in a particular Civil War regiment because of an ancestor who served with it. In my case, it was my great-grandfather, Joseph Clavin, who enlisted in the Thirteenth NY Battery at the age of 16, served for the duration, and went on to live to the age of 89. Unfortunately, like many others, his personal stories and recollections of the War have been lost through the generations.

The story of the Thirteenth, however, has not been lost. But, unfortunately, it has not been in the forefront of most Civil War studies. These pages reflect my own attempt over the past several years to uncover the story of the Thirteenth, and make it more accessible to others, who like me, have a personal connection to the unit.

If you have something to contribute to this site, or would like to be notified whenever new information is added to these web pages, drop me an e-mail.


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13th Independent Battery - NY Light Artillery
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